> Bảng màu GP1601N Pantone Formula guide Coated & Uncoated

Bảng màu GP1601N Pantone

Formula guide

Coated & Uncoated

SKU: GP1601N

Thương hiệu: Pantone

Xuất xứ: USA

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  • Two portable, handheld fan decks printed on coated and uncoated paper

  • Printed on the most commonly used paper stock weights (100 lb for coated and 80 lb for uncoated)

  • Lighting Indicator page demonstrates when lighting conditions are suitable for color evaluation


  • The largest color gamut in the Pantone graphics system

  • 1,867 spot colors, including 112 new colors released in 2016

  • Each color displayed with coordinating numbers and ink formulations

  • Colors arranged in chromatic format, with 112 new colors displayed in the front

  • Index in the back of the guides provides the numeric location for each color

  • Tolerance aim <2dE to our master standard data

  • Featuring 98% of colors measuring under 2dE tolerance to the master standard data

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